5 days camel trek in the Mhamid desert

Day 1: Mhamid – Mhamid Oasis – Sidi Naji

Departure from Mhamid camp at 8am, walk for 2h30 to reach the palm grove where you will have lunch. Then around noon and after a short break, you will walk for another 2 hours to reach SIDI NAJI taking tea from the camp served on site, dinner and overnight in tents or under the stars.

2nd day: Sidi Naji – Erg Ezahar

After your breakfast, dismantling and loading of the camp on camel and departure from SIDI NAJI, walk 2h30 to the picnic under the tamarinds after lunch, you will walk 2h at the junction of the reg to the large dunes of EZAHAR where you will set up your bivouac for the night.

3rd day: Oued Draa – Erg Smar – Kriaat Gemal

Breakfast in the dunes and departure at 2h30 for the walk for the crossing the Draa valley, to the erg SMAR (old sedimented and abandoned village) for the picnic, then you will walk towards the small dunes of KRIAAT-GEMAL where you will install the camp for the night.

4th day: Lebohr – Erg Bertham

Wake up in the morning for an exit of the small dunes …. another hike from 2h to 2h30 to LEBOHR – where you will have lunch then hike again to the dune of BERTHAM where you will set up the night camp.

5th day: Mzouaria – M’hamid

After your breakfast, you will leave the BERTHAM dune camp to walk towards MZOUARIA where you will have lunch and after a little rest, you will return to the fixed MHAMID camp for a well-deserved shower, dinner and overnight at the camp.