Custom Tours

At LADULCEDUNA we take care, if that is what you want, to create a totally personalized trip to the client’s taste and request. If you are clear about what you want, if you are demanding with your tastes, we care about offering our clients a unique and exclusive service that offers the traveler what they really want, both at the level of circuits, such as hotels, riads, vehicles, activities …

We can offer you all kinds of TOURS designed at the client’s request, HOTELS, RIADS AND CAMPSITES in the desert, adapted to your demands and types of category; both cheaper and excellent and luxurious. All types of vehicles from 4X4, MINIBUS, BUSES and there is even the possibility of hiring a HELICOPTER that will transfer you in a very short time from Marrakesh to the Sahara. We offer you all kinds of activities such as QUADS OR DROMEDARIES to take a tour of the wonderful dunes of the Sahara. PHOTO TOUR with professional photographers. Local music groups that will delight your ears with live music in the desert in the heat of a bonfire. And if you have any special requests, you just have to say it and go for it.

“NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE” you just have to ask and we’ll get to work.